Parking as Problem-Solving: 9/17/13 NYC Innovation Salon

GPC and our salons continue to foster innovation and celebrate leadership in the ways that parking structures and spaces are created, managed, utilized and ultimately incorporated into the fabric of city life.

NYC’s 2013 Innovation Acceleration Salon continues the exploration of the parking garage in the built and natural environments. This year we introduce the transformative Green Garage Certification and focus on four key ways in which parking increasingly will contribute to the development of sustainable cities.

Parking as Solution: Green Garage Certification
Rachel Yoka, Timothy Haahs & Associates, Green Parking Council, International Parking Institute

Let there be light: Sustainability & High-performance, Energy-efficient Parking Lighting
Jennifer Dolin, Osram Sylvania

The Electric Vehicle Ecosystem: “Next Gen” EV Driving, Charging & Parking
Rob Healy, BMW of North America

Robots,” Placemaking & Sustainable Parking: More Cars in Less Space, Reduced Emissions and the Creation of a Park Above at Brooklyn’s Willoughby Square.
Jeffrey Hyde, Automotion Parking Systems

Thunder Road: Partnership, Transportation & the Weaving of a Sustainable Future
Ari Kahn, Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability, City of New York

Last year’s NYC salon united big thinkers from Metropolis Magazine, AECOM, ULI, RPA and elsewhere in introducing the concept of sustainable parking. This year we dig deeper into the details.

See the New York Times coverage of the event:  Green Parking: Not Just a Concept Anymore.

Image is a rendering of the Willoughby Square development in Brooklyn, NY courtesy of Automation Parking Systems LLC.

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