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Joachim Hauser

Board Member, Green Parking Council

Director, BMW Mobility Services

Joachim Hauser, Director BMW Mobility Services takes responsibility for business- and product-development of BMW’s latest business unit, targeting on sustainable and innovative urban mobility solutions. With focus on leading edge navigation- and location based services Mr. Hauser is also driving BMW’s initiative within the global parking market. Parking is seen as a key enabler for future flexible car usage solutions, electric vehicle market development and other innovative services involving cars.

Mr. Hauser studied mechanical engineering with emphasis on automotive. He started his career at Dr. Ing. h. c. Porsche AG in Stuttgart, Germany, as a design engineer for drive train. Beside the development of 4 wheel drive trains Mr. Hauser also he was engaged in race car designs as such the Porsche Indy Car of 1978.

He moved to IBM Marketing and Sales when IBM was changing its business towards industrial solutions and services. Mr. Hauser was engaged in the development of new markets and solutions e.g. for CAD / CAM Systems and other industrial solutions. As a consequence of IBMs transformation towards a leading services company Mr. Hauser became one of IBMs first certified business consultants. As leader of an automotive and aerospace consulting practice Mr. Hauser gained a rich experience in international business consulting.

Mr. Hauser joined BMW in the year 2000 as member of newly founded BMW Group IT-Strategy team, before he was asked to take responsibility for a four year transformation program with the BMW Group. Mr. Hauser was project manager of BMWs first full hybrid vehicle – the X6 hybrid, before he to responsibility for BMW’s telematic offer – ConnectedDrive. As director for BMW mobility services Mr. Hauser is proactively developing solutions for parking and sustainable mobility services.