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The Green Parking Council and Green Garage Certification are now part of the Green Business Certification, Inc family.

Green Garage Certification is now Parksmart.

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Valentines for Green Parking

For Valentine’s Day, we asked our volunteers why they love the Green Parking Council.  Here’s some responses, in no particular order.  Add your own in the comments section!

“What’s not to love?  The cool Lapel pins that make me look so smart in meetings, being part of an organization that thinks of others….the future generations….FIRST…that’s pretty fresh!”

    –  Jeff Pinyot, Co-Founder, Eco Lighting Solutions

“Great initiative, ambitious goals, smart people.”

   –  Gisela Baurmann, Partner, BuroNY

“I like the opportunity to meet and learn about sustainability from  people and companies outside of the parking industry.”

  –  Laura Longsworth, Vice President, National Parking Operations, Brookfield Office Properties

“The Green Parking Council is making the world a better place for my children, and my children’s children.”

  –  Ryan Ties, Technical Manager, Winpark

“That it changes the conversation about the parking industry from being part of the problem to being part of the solution.”

  –  Vicki Pero SPHR, Principal, The Marlyn Group

“I love crazy, visionary, not-afraid-to-jump-in-feet-first people!“

   –  Rachel Yoka LEED AP BD+C, CPSM, Vice President, Strategic Planning and Sustainability, Timothy Haas & Associates

“I love that the GPC is made up of people who value all perspectives and are willing to work together to create something achievable not just for today but for future generations.”

   –  Michael Cramer, Software Development & Implementation Manager, Winpark

“I love the GPC because of the organization’s ability to foster relationships and discussions that challenge old assumptions and result in addressing one of the most important issues of our time.”

    –  Casey Jones, Vice President, Institutional Services, SP+

“I love the collaborative aspects of working with people who are passionate about sustainability; their commitment to GPC is inspiring and the continual growth and achievement of the organization as a whole is exciting to be a part of.”

    –  Carolyn Scharte, CPP, Director of Business Development, The Marlyn Group

“What I love about the Green Parking Council are the people involved with this movement. The amount of work our volunteers of over 200 professionals put in is simply astonishing. In addition, you can’t go wrong with the staff at GPC.”

    – Isaiah Mouw, Senior Manager, Republic Parking System

“It’s a growing community of people from diverse industries working together to create more sustainable personal mobility.”

    –  Dan Ciarcia, Strategic Energy Systems Inc.

“I love that the Green Parking Council supports IPI’s mission to advance the parking profession, specifically busting misperceptions and helping communicate the industry’s impact and interest in contributing to smarter, sustainable communities.”

   –  Shawn Conrad, Executive Director, IPI

“Everyone you come in contact with shares a common LOVE of the planet.”

– Marilyn Brooks, Director, Sales Support, SP+