Parksmart (formerly known as Green Garage Certification)

Parksmart certification is the world’s only rating system defining and recognizing sustainable practices in parking structure management, programming, design, and technology. An industry-driven, field-tested road map for high-performing new and existing parking garages, Parksmart recognizes the forward-thinking facilities shaping tomorrow’s sustainable mobility network.

Built through the collaboration of over 200 professionals from the parking, real estate, technology and sustainability worlds, Parksmart promotes a holistic approach to garage performance and sustainability and encourages the adoption of emerging smart parking and intelligent transportation tools.

Parksmart helps parking structures to:

• Reduce environmental impact
• Increase energy efficiency and performance
• Manage parking spaces efficiently
• Promote alternative mobility options
• Strengthen community relationships

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As of 5/16/2016, Parksmart is updated to Version 1.0 with Addenda.  The Addenda updates are all found in the Parksmart Documentation Submission Package, Version 1.0 with Addenda, May 2016.  All printings of the Green Garage Certification Standard are still applicable, but submissions must use Parksmart Documentation Submission Package, Version 1.0 with Addenda, May 2016.  (The rebranded Parksmart Certification Standard does not contain the Addenda updates.  These updates are only found in the Submission Package.)

Parksmart Resources:

  • Owner’s Checklist: One page survey to help assess a facility’s readiness for Parksmart certification
  • Green Garage Assessors: Information on Parksmart training program and a list of trained Parksmart professionals

Application Materials:

Projects must register to access the complete Parksmart application.

Legal Agreements:

Please direct all question regarding Parksmart to


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