Green Garage Certification

Green Garage Certification is the world’s only rating system defining and recognizing sustainable practices in parking structure management, programming, design, and technology.  An industry-driven, field-tested road map for high-performing new and existing parking garages, Green Garage Certification recognizes the forward-thinking facilities shaping tomorrow’s sustainable mobility network.

Built through the collaboration of over 200 professionals from the parking, real estate, technology and sustainability worlds, Green Garage Certification promotes a holistic approach to garage performance and sustainability and encourages the adoption of emerging smart parking and intelligent transportation tools.

Green Garage Certification drives:

• increased energy efficiency and performance
• reduced environmental impact
• efficiency in parking space management
• integrated sustainable mobility services and technologies
• diversity of mobility options
• stronger community relationships

Learn how to enroll your garage today.

Green Garage Resources:

  • Green Garage Certification Program Guide: 12 page PDF document providing background on Green Garage Certification, an overview of achievement levels, eligibility information, program costs and an outline of the application process
  • Green Garage Certification Standard : 195 page book defining each of the 48 certification elements, point values, documentation requirements, and industry standards ($49.95 in hard copy or $29.95 as an eBook)
  • Green Garage Assessors : Information on Green Parking Council training program and a list of GPC-trained Green Garage Certification professionals




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