Certification Beta

Since 2010, more than 200 professionals from the parking, real estate, technology and sustainability worlds have collaborated to identify areas where parking garages could contribute to the planet and the communities in which they reside. Through this process, we developed 44 discrete measures assessing  how we manage our facilities, the programs we offer and the technology and structures we deploy.  The Green Garage Certification Beta (download 174-page PDF or purchase a spiral-bound version) is the final phase of this the development process.    Through late 2013 and early 2014, the Beta is open for public review, an expert review and real world testing.

Beta Sites

As of December, 2013, over forty US and Canadian garages are participating as Green Garage Certification Beta Sites. Beta Sites contribute information on their sustainability to help fine-tune and calibrate the Certification Program.  These leading facilities will be recognized for their Beta contributions and will be among the first to be eligible for formal Green Garage Certification when launched in mid-2014.  For more information about participation in the Green Garage Certification Beta, please email Trevyr Meade, trevyr@greenparkingcouncil.org

Scroll down in the following map for a list by name and address. Click on site markers for site-specific information. A full screen map may be viewed as well.

Through the Beta process, we will :

  • refine our points system to make sure we are properly valuing each area, both within the measure (Is the range of achievable points appropriate?) and relative to the other measures (Does this measure offer too many or too few points?)
  • calibrate the performance levels for Bronze, Gold and Platinum Certification. Our goal is for an approach that is meaningful but not onerous. We seek to recognize the realities of the marketplace while challenging us to do better.
  • evaluate new “innovation” categories that we missed and you propose.

External Review

GPC Board members Susan Rowe of Green Courte Partners and Nick Kline, Yale University School of Organization & Management / School of Forest and Environmental Studies, are leading an external review panel.  Please contact Paul Wessel at the Green Parking Council for more information.

Public Review

We look forward to robust and passionate discussion on each of the measures and the program as a whole. Are we shooting too high? Too low? What did we miss? We encourage you to contribute to this process and email your thoughts and comments on the program to beta@greenparkingcouncil.org.

To get started, download a PDF copy of the 174 page guide or purchase a spiral-bound version for $25 with Paypal or credit card.


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